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Why Qonfin?


Today's market conditions have complicated the credit granting process among entrepreneurs, where, among other things, it has become more challenging to identify the right bank based on the companies' financing needs.

We assist you in identifying the correct entity by analyzing your requirements and ensuring a smoother credit process.


It is important that you, as an entrepreneur, feel a sense of security, accessibility, and trust in an external party that manages your financing processes.

At Qonfin, we act as your intermediary and ensure that your criteria are met. We handle the process that can sometimes feel complicated so that you can dedicate time to what matters, namely, continuing to operate your business.


We possess extensive experience from work within government agencies, major banks, and niche banks. Through a transparent and thorough collaboration with you, we ensure to find the appropriate financing solution based on your financial situation.

About Us

Qonfin AB was established in a market landscape where the founders noticed the sluggishness, injustice, and unpredictable nature of the market among business owners and entrepreneurs who aimed to grow. The limitations formed the foundation for our startup, where we assist you as a business owner with a variety of financing solutions. We are also here to engage in conversations about your company and how, together with our knowledge base and network, we can support you with a range of services.

The team

Didar Arghashi


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Marcus Abdullahad


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