What can we offer you?

We assist you as a business owner with various types of financing solutions. Below, you can find a list of the different solutions 

Business Loans 

Qonfin AB can offer tailored business solutions for economic growth and stability. Our business loans are designed to meet your specific business needs, whether you require capital for expansion, equipment investments, or addressing short-term challenges. We understand that every business is unique; therefore, we provide flexible loan terms and competitive interest rates. With Qonfin AB, you can feel confident knowing you have a reliable partner supporting your business success.

Real Estate Loans

Are you dreaming of owning, developing, or renovating properties? Qonfin AB offers tailor-made real estate loans that turn your visions into reality. Whether it's residential properties, commercial real estate, or larger projects, our aim is to provide you with the financial strength you need. We understand the challenges and opportunities that the real estate industry offers, and with our support, you can take your property ambitions to the next level. Qonfin AB - your partner for a strong and stable property portfolio.

Construction Credit

Qonfin AB understands that construction projects require unique financial solutions. Our Construction Credit provides you with the flexibility and strength needed to turn your construction dreams into reality. Whether you're planning to build residential properties, commercial real estate, or undertake extensive renovations, you can rely on Qonfin AB to support your projects. With our commitment and expertise in the construction industry, we help you navigate challenges and achieve success with your construction projects. Build with us, build with confidence, build with Qonfin AB.